Instagram Success Story – Photo Sharing Android & iOS Application

Nowadays like every mobile user’s share their photos to Instagram and also use Instagram in their daily life. And today I going to share an Instagram success story.


Instagram is not only popular in normal user but also famous among celebrities. And within 7 years this app going super famous. The main success magic of this app is you can share your image and at the same time, you can use beautiful filters. For this, your beautiful photo becomes more beautiful. And with you can share your location with your image and even you can share the small videos too.
If you are an Instagram then you must know these features. 
But do you know? How Instagram concept coming. Now I tell you.

Instagram History

The Instagram Downloader project was started with a name Burbn and Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger started this project. Burbn basically was a project related to photography. Apart from photography, there are also has some features. But this app did not get success because of its complicated user interface.
Then Kevin and Mike change the app and focus on photography and make an Instagram app on 16 July 2010. The name comes from a mix of Instant Camera and Telegram. And the first photo upload on the Instagram on 16 July 2010. 
The first time, photo filters did not available on Instagram and this idea comes from Kevin’s girlfriend. Basically, Kevin’s girlfriend asked Kevin, “why she upload her photo on this platform, where her photo does not look more beautiful”.
And then Kevin add photo filters on the Instagram app. And this is the main reason that the app going very famous.
On 6 October 2010, Instagram was available on the App Store(iOS). And almost 2-years later, Instagram launch on the Google Play Store.
At that time, Instagram was very popular and for this, on the first day, it was download one million from the Google Play Store. And this is a big success of Instagram and you can view Insta DP easily. Download APK
In 2012, Mark Zuckerberg bought Instagram for one billion dollars. And further, Instagram was immensely promoted. In this way Instagram app becomes popular and its user growing up.


From 2010 until today, a lot of changes in Instagram like Whatsapp but its user base growing up. According to analytics in 2017, there are approximately 2.5 billion active users on Instagram. And today the valuation of this company is almost 30 – 50 billion dollars. As you can see, how much Instagram and join Whatsapp Groups.
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