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An automobile can be obtained in a variety of ways. You can buy them in stores or steal them from others. Rc CARS, RAMP CAR, MONSTER TRucks You like Alien UFO, SKATEBOARD, DragSter, QuadCars, and Karts the most from this list. It’s all in Dude-o-polis, and it’ll be yours if you look for it. Dude Theft Wars allows you to shake the city in whatever manner you want. It can’t be stopped unless you don’t want it to.

Dude Theft Wars MOD APK transports you to the lovely city of Dude-o-polis, which is full of facilities. If you’re playing Jack, Richie, you can do whatever you want here. The player can play as a regular person, a rebel, or a criminal. Dude Theft Wars Mod Apk has no restrictions on what you can do; you can do whatever you want. However, pay attention or the cops will arrive.

Create a succession of theatrical activities that will give the public and the police a headache. To become a known crook with your own style, download Dude Theft Wars MOD APK. With a stick and a couple of explosives, you can’t fight the cops. When a large number of police officers attack, we need additional firearms to defend ourselves. Players can readily equip the type of pistol they require thanks to the large amounts of money available. AK47, SMG, REVOLVER, and SHOTGUNS, depending on the situation, will assist you in eluding the FBI.

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