Zarine Khan Biography, Career, Success Story Explain And More

Zarine Khan is very beautiful and very famous Bollywood actress. And in this article, we going to discuss Zarine Khan biography and her life story.

Zarine Khan
Zarine Khan

Zarine Khan Biography

Zarine Khan was born on 14 May 1987 in Mumbai, India (birthplace). Her real name is Zarine Khan and also she has a nickname called Nickname Little Dimple Girl. 
She started her education at Duruelo Convent High School in Mumbai and later she admitted at Rizvi College of Science in Mumbai. Zarine Khan always wanted to become a good doctor but unfortunately, she becomes a good actress because of her beauty and also acting talent. Zarine Khan knows many languages like Hindi, Urdu, Marathi, and English.

How Zarine Khan Become Bollywood Actress

When Zarine was in Rizvi College then her family financial problem was too bad. So, she leaves college and steps into the world of modeling. Because she believes that she looks very beautiful and she can earn money from modeling. The first time she gets a little bit of success but her body weight was too large like 100 kg. 
Then Zarine Khan loses her weight and then she looks more beautiful. Then she gets an opportunity to acts with great superstar Salman Khan in the film name Veer in 2010. Zarine Khan acts as a heroin of Salman Khan. Zarine Khan’s role in this film was of a princess.
Then in 2011, Zarine Khan works with Salman Khan in Ready film song “Character Dheela Hai”.
In 2015, Zarine Khan got a film that she became very famous. The film is “Hate Story 3”. Then she acts on Aksar 2 and Box-Office praised her very much.
Zarine acts not only Bollywood film but Tamil and Punjabi film also.
In this way, Zarine Khan makes a career in acting and modeling.

Some Favorite Things Of Zarine Khan

Zarine Khan loves to eat means her favorite food is Chocolates. Her favorite actor is Salman Khan and also her favorite actress is Kareena Kapoor and Penelope Cruz.
Zarine loves to travel and her favorite place in Dubai, Thailand, and also Maldives. Also, we found that her favorite film name is  Jab We Met, Avatar, and Titanic.

Some Amazing Facts Of Zarine Khan

  • Zareen Khan was a good student and always perform outstanding marks.
  • When she was a student, she was weight almost 100 kg. Later, she starts to lose her weight and she lost almost 40kg of weight.
  • Zareen did never think that she will become an actress.
  • She always wanted to become a doctor but due to her financial problem, she was not able to study further.
  • Her first debut Bollywood film was Veer, where she acts as princes.

Final Words

Zarine Khan is a pretty great actress and got very famous to show her beauty. However, in this blog post, we try to show you Zarine Khan biography and her success story. Also how she become an actress means her journey life in Bollywood.
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