Amazon Prime Videos

We all know about the Amazon E-Commerce site, where you can purchase various types of produces like smartphones, computers, clothes, shoes, etc. But also Amazon launches a platform where you can watch your favorite movies, TV shows, and other videos. In this guide, we going to discuss with you Amazon Prime Videos.

Amazon Prime Videos

As I early mention, Amazon is an online media streaming platform where you can watch your favorite movies, music and TV shows.

So, if you want to access Amazon Prime Videos then first you need to create an account. Now make sure that it’s not a free platform. Yes! You need to pay for the services.

When you sign up for the first time, you will get 30 days free trial. So, you can enjoy the Prime Videos FREE only one month.

Amazon Prime Videos – Price List 

As I early said that you get one month FREE for the first time sign up. Now if you want to use the Prime Videos then you need to pay Rs 129 per month.

And also a yearly plan available on the site and the price is around Rs 999 per Year.


Others Features

If you purchase the premium membership plan of the Amazon Prime Video then you can enjoy ad-free music and the exclusive blockbuster Bollywood movies and more.

With the FireTV Stick, you can enjoy the videos even better because you just plug the stick on an HD TV and enjoy your favorite shows and movies.


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