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The Conjuring 1

The Conjuring 1 is an American Hollywood horror movie. The movie directed by James Wan and the writer is Carey W. Hayes and Chad Hayes. The Conjuring was released in the US and Canada on 19th July 2013 (release date). 

The people very like this movie and for the positive sign, the movie earns over $319 million dolors. As you can see the conjuring was a very successful movie. Because of the budget of the conjuring 1 movie is around $20 million dolors.

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The Conjuring Trailer

The Conjuring 1 Full Movie

The Conjuring movie story based on Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren true incident. They both are American paranormal investigators and on an investigation, they face diabolical power and this incident is shown in the conjuring 1 film.

The Conjuring 1

In the first part of conjuring shown the Perron family. Like Perron family going to a new house for living and there is something scary and strange happening to them.

In the film also shown Ed and Lorraine Warren relationship, love and all the family love to each other. And the real scary scene which is shown here is very amazing and fills like real.

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The Conjuring movie download

Means you really feel fear when you watch Conjuring 1 movie. Actually, James Wan knows how to people scare. There were not use so many VFX effects but the effect and sound that has used are very perfect. 

For this, it creates a scary atmosphere and if you like to watch a horror movie then you definitely love it.

The Conjuring Cast (Starring)

  • Patrick Wilson, who is an American actor and here he acts as Ed Warren.
  • Vera Farmiga, who is an American actress and she acts as Lorraine Warren
  • Lili Taylor is also an actress and she acts as Carolyn Perron.
  • Ron Livingston acts as Roger Perron.
  • Shanley Caswell acts as Andrea Perron.
  • Joey King acts as Christine Perron.
  • Shannon Kook acts as Drew Thomas.

And many other great stars are works on the Conjuring 1 movie.

Other Details

Movie Name The Conjuring 1
Release Date 19 July 2013
Director James Wan
Writer Carey W. Hayes and Chad Hayes
Movie Budget $20 Milion
Gross $319 Million
Star Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga
Country USA
Language English
Music Composed By Joseph Bishara

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the conjuring full movie download

Is “The Conjuring 1” based on a true story?

The Conjuring movie

According to the writer and director, the film is totally based on a true story. The story is based on a real paranormal investigation by Ed and Lorraine Warren on a haunted house. For the real information given to the director and writer, Lorraine Warren performed as a consultant during the filming and also appeared on set for the guidance.


As you can see, the story is based on a real incident and for this, you feel real fear when you watch the conjuring movie. If you like to watch a horror film then this film is perfect for you. If you like this information then give it a share.
Also, there are other movies made by this story concept which is like Annabelle comes home and Annabelle Creations.

The Conjuring movie download

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