Google Launch Latest Android Q (Beta) | Most Excited Features Explain

Finally, Google launched the latest Android version which is Android Q. But now Android Q is run on the beta program and after six updates it will come with the full version. In this article, we going to show you the best feature of Android Q (beta). So, let’s dive in.

Android Q (Beta)

Latest Android Version Android Q (Beta)

In March 2019, Google launches latest Android Q on the Google Pixel device. So, if you have any Pixel device then you can install and use the latest Android Q as a beta user. So, what are you waiting for, go to and download the Android Q (beta). Let’s check out the features of Android Q.

Best Excited Features Of Android Q

So, here we show you some of the most exciting features of Android Q (beta).

1) Native Screen Recorder

We are all finding native screen recorder in the Android and finally, it is comes in Android Q. But native screen recorder in Android Q does not default, you need to go to developer option and then you can find it.
Then you can access by hold the power button and long press on the screenshot button then you can start the screen recorder.
But this native screen recorder needs to improve and I hope in future, we will see it better.

2) Share WiFi Networks

Android Q brings a couple of new features spacially on WiFi. First of all, now you can share your WiFi by a QR code.
All you need to do, just go to the WiFi network and tap on the network that you connected. Here you can find a new share option with a QR code. And to scan the QR code, others can join easily. It is a nice edition.

3) Theming

Android Q also brings one of the most highly requested features from the users, which is Theming. The theming currently available on the developer option and here you can get three option like:

  1. Ability to change action & color
  2. Font option
  3. Icon shape option

As you can see the theming option in the Android Q is not too impressive but its just start, in future Google will definitely doing better.

4) Better Security and Privacy

You know, a lot of apps are taking unnecessary permission and running on the background but Android Q brings changes and that should fix this issue.
The biggest changes are how android control location access. There is a dedicated location option available in the setting. Now you can control that the app accesses your location every time or when you use the app.
So you can disable or deny the location on the particular app that you don’t trust.
Not only the location, like every permission you can allow or deny. That is a big update on Android Q.

5) Dark Mode

Yes, the dark mode is here. Android Q fast beta update brings the dark mode on the system. However, you get this option as the battery saver on the drop-down menu. Some of the system apps support the dark mode like setting, files app, Google Photos but it does not enable on the apps like YouTube and Messenger. 
It is the 1st beta update and hopefully, Google enables it on the future update.

6) Freeform Mode

Freeform Mode that Google was testing in the previous version of Android and in the Android Q, you can finally try it. The freeform mode is enable from developer option of Android Q. Once you enable the freeform mode then go to the recent app. And here you run the freeform mode.
So you can run many apps on the freeform mode and it run very great. And it is not enough, hopefully Google improve it in the future update.
This feature work very handy also needed on the big screen device like foldable phone.

7) Others Changes

Apart from that, Android Q brings some minor changes and features. So, let’s know about some minor changes on the Android Q.

  1. On the notification in the drop-down menu has some of others option like Show Silently and Keep Alerting option and also you can block any app notification directly.
  2. In the Android Q, you get a new reamp share menu and also going little faster.
  3. On the notificaton shade, you will find the battery persentage and also how much time work your battery.
  4. Now you can take screenshot with the notch design.


This is some of the new and unique features comes with new Andoid Q. I hope you like and enjoy to read this post. Now, I want to hear from you:
Which features you like most? Let me know by leaving a quick comment. 
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