5 Best Ways to Earn Money Online Without Investment Quickly

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Do you need money? Why not! I mean like everyone wants to make money. So, if you want to make money online then you are in the right place. In this article, we going to share with you, 5 best and evergreen way to make money online. This 5 method only work great, if you give hard and smart work and also the most important “patience”. You just need patience and keep working, the day will come soon and you can genuinely earn money. Let’s dive in.

5 Best Method to Earn Money Online

Here we show you the exact method to make money online. You no need any big investment. You can earn money easily without any investments. Here it is:

1) Create A Blog Website

By creating a blog website, you can easily earn money. Let’s explain it.
If you have knowledge about any topic like technology, beauty tips, make money online tips, Android mobile tricks etc. Then you can share your knowledge with the audience and help the people & solve the problem. To do that, you can build a user base. And the people will help to earn money. How?
If you successfully create a website and a good user base then you just need to monetize your blog websites. To do that you can use Ad networks like Google Adsense or Media.Net

If you get to approve your website then you can place ads on your website and you directly earn money through Ad networks. 
Also, you can sell or promote any of your product on your website. Also, you can promote the Affiliate link on your websites. And if you have traffic then you can convert them as your customer. To do this, you definitely earn a lot of money. 
It is the most working process and genuine method to make money, and you can see I also do the same. I just create this website and help the people with my best and I make money online. So, you can do the same.
How to Do
Firstly, you need to create a professional looking website. To create a website, you need two main things.

  1. Domain 
  2. Hosting

Now, if you want to make it free, then you go to the Blogger.com and create an account and then you can easily build a website. Here you get free hosting and a subdomain. But I recommend that you definitely go to blogger but purchases a master domain. Then add the domain to your blog and work in it.
If you have any issue then you can watch the tutorial on YouTube. On YouTube, a lot of creators help you to improve your knowledge. So, if you do not know anything about the website, then watch the tutorial and improve your knowledge and move on.

2) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also a great source to make money. Like many people make huge money from online through the affiliate. If you don’t have any knowledge on affiliate marketing then don’t worry. Here I explain to you what is affiliate marketing and how you can make money through affiliate marketing.
On the internet, many product selling companies want to sell their product. Now if you help to sell their product, then you will get a commission on every product.
How you can do?
Here I mention two affiliate program, one is e-commerce and other is hosting affiliate. 
First, you need to join on the affiliate program like Amazon affiliate program or Flipkart affiliate program. If you join then choose the product that you want to promote and create the affiliate link on the product then promote on your platforms like the website or any social media (Facebook, Instagram etc).
Now, if anyone clicks on your link and purchases the product then you get some commission from the company. In this way, affiliate marketing works.
The affiliate program is not based only for the e-commerce sites, on the internet, many other companies run their affiliate program. And here we going to discuss Hosting affiliate program.
As I mentioned earlier, if you built a website then you need a hosting where all of your website’s data are safely stored. Many of the hosting company are available on the market and they provided hosting for your website. 
Now you can join their affiliate program and promote the best hosting and the hosting offers. If anyone signup through your affiliate link then you get huge commission from the hosting company like Hostgator, Bluehost etc.
How You Do
You need a platform to do affiliate marketing where you promote your affiliate link. Like, if you have a blog website or have a YouTube channel then you can easily do affiliate marketing.
If you have a YouTube channel and you review the gadgets or any kind of product then you can give the affiliate link on the video description. Or if you make the tutorial about ‘how to make websites’ then you promote the hosting affiliate link.
If you have a blog website, then you also promote the affiliate link.

3) Create A YouTube Channel

YouTube is also a great method to make money also become famous. The main things of YouTube are, if you want to become famous or popular and make fans then YouTube is the best platform, where you get money also fame. And if you have a user base and you build trust from your audience then you can easily convert your customer and then you can easily make money.
But to make a successful YouTube channel is not an easy thing. You need patience and keep working on your channel almost 1-year. Then you can find that channel growing up.
How To Do
What you need if you want to make a YouTube channel? 
Firstly, you need a google account. Now open YouTube and click to ‘create a channel’, and you can create your channel.
Now you can tutorial on YouTube to customize your channels like the logo, thumbnails and more. 
Other than, if you have no budgets and no computer and camera but have a smartphone, then you can easily make video & grow your channel. You no need any big setup or computer and laptop. With a simple smartphone, many YouTube creator successfully grow their channel and you also can do. 
Mainly there are three processes available to make money through your channel.

  1. Google Adsense
  2. Sponsorship
  3. Affiliate Marketing

Firstly, you can earn money from Google Adsense. To do that, you need to enable your channel monetization. But to enable it, make sure that you need to complete the YouTube threshold like complete 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time on your video. If you successfully complete this threshold then your channel going under review and then you can earn money through ads.
Secondly, you can earn money a huge from the Sponsorship. When your channel has many subscribers then many companies approach you and give you the product (free) and also money to review their product like the mobile phone or any other gadgets and more. By it, you can make lots of money.
Thirdly, Affiliate marketing, as I mentioned earlier, that you can earn money through the affiliate program. Because, to do affiliate marketing, need a platform and if you have a YouTube channel, then it is the best platform for affiliate marketing. You just generate the affiliate link of any product and review it. Then put the link on the video description.
If you have an audience then definitely, users purchases through your link.

4) Create An Android App

Nowadays like everyone has the Android device and we use many apps in our daily life. So android app developing is the future. Now if you want to become an android developer then you can earn huge money with it. You can’t imagine how much money you can earn from the android app.
However, if you are a beginner and wants to make an android app then you can do it easily. Here I give you some websites, where you can easily create your apps. The websites are like Kodular, AppyBuilder, Thunkable etc. Here you can build apps easily without any programming knowledge. If you don’t think how to start or how to do, then I suggested to open YouTube and watch the tutorial and then built the apps.
Now if you want to become a professional android app developer then you need to learn computer languages like C, C++, Java, HTML etc. And then you can develop the android app by a popular software name ‘Android Studio’ which is made by Google. If you well-known every feature and option of this software then you can develop professional android apps.
I recommended that you learn the computer language and then built the apps.
How To Do
If you successfully built the apps then you can earn money from Google Admob. 
You need to create an account on the Google Admob and then create the ad id and put the id on your apps. 
Now the time is to promote the apps. You can also upload the app on the Google play store. To do that you need to create the account on the Google Play Store and here you need to pay $25 one time. However, if you create the account on play store then you can upload your all apps. 
Now if your apps really help the people then the install will come automatically. 

5) Dropshipping Business 

Dropshipping Business is for those people, who want to make their own store and sell the product without any big investment. Yes, you can make your own store on the internet and you can sell the product without any investment.
Many people think that e-commerce and dropshipping business is like the same, but that’s not true. Here is a little bit of difference. In the e-commerce site like Amazon, anyone purchases any product then the notification will go to the seller and then the seller shipping your product.
But in the Dropshipping, you no need to make a product stock. You just need to make a website through Shopify, Oberlo etc and select the product that you want to use in your store.
There are three models in the Dropshipping like Customer, Your Store, and Supplier.
How To Work
The customer buys the product in your store, but you need to ship the product. The supplier will ship the product. And you will earn money directly.
However, it is not an easy staff, you need hard and smart work and then you will get success. 
As I told you that here you no need to invest but if you want to see the result quickly then you can invest something on facebook and google ads.
If you use the ads to promote your store then your store becomes more popular.
In this way, Dropshipping works. If you want to make money then it also a great method to make money online. And now in India, the competition is less on this platform and it increases. However, if you want to start a Dropshipping then it is the best time and starts it.


In this blog post, we share 5 amazing ways to make money online. All of this method, that I share with you is very genuine and effective and a lot of people earn lots of money through this method.
However, if you want to make money then you can follow this method and start to do something. Now make sure that you start and see no good result and quit. It is a very big mistake like you need to give time and hard working. Then the result will definitely come soon.
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Which method you like most and think to start? Let me know by leaving a quick comment. Also if you have more questions about it then comment or mail us. I will definitely answer you. Now if you enjoy reading the post then please give it a share in social media like Whatsapp and also follow us on our official Facebook page. Lastly thanks for visiting our website. 

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