5 Best Way To Make Money On Blogging (Blog Website) In 2019

We all need money and want to make money. However, if you have a blog website then you can earn money online through your websites. In this article, we going to show you the 5 best methods to make money on blogging. 

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5 Best Way To Make Money Online

Nowadays the competition is increased in every platform and many people want to make money online. If you have a website and also have a good amount of traffic on your website and you earn no money then I going to show you the best way to make money.

1) Ad Network

First, we talk about the Ad Network like Google Adsense and also Media.Net. Also in the market, many other ad networks were available but we did not recommend any other expect Google Adsense and also Media.Net.
To apply it, you must create a genuine blog website and write some original articles. Now apply your website to the ad network. If your website is genuine and original then you must get approval for the Ads on your website.
Now you can earn money through the ads. On the internet, most of the website earn through these ads and you also can do.

2) Affiliate Marketing

As I mentioned in an article that affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online. If you have a website on the technology topic or you are writing an article about blogging topic then you can earn a lot to money through hosting affiliate marketing.
Actually here I do not focus on the Amazon or Flipkart affiliate marketing, because here you get very less affiliate commission. But if you promote the hosting or some SEO tools affiliate link then you get lots of money and also you can generate recurring income.
Basically, I focus on the Hosting affiliate because all the hosting company gives you lots of commission if anyone purchases the hosting through your link. For example, Hostgator give you $65 per signup and other hosting companies give you almost the same. Also, when you join the affiliate program then you get some banner ad code. So, you can put this ad on your website.
In this way, you can generate money through Affiliate Marketing.

3) Sell Advertising Space

In this method, you get a scope to put the ad directed by the company. I mean, you need to create a page where you need to mention your website rank, traffic, and other information. And then the company contact you and then you can promote their product and also put their ad. And here the main thing is that you can charge them as you want and get the money directly.
So, it is another great method to make money through your website.

4) Write Reviews

Nowadays, almost every day launch new smartphone and gadgets. Now if you have great traffic on your website then the company approaches you to review the product on your website. Here you get two benefits. One is you get a review unit and also get some payment directly from the company.
So, it also a great method to make money on your blog website.

5) Donations

If you give efforts on your blog & work hard and you have no earning source then you can add a Donations button on the sidebar of your website.
For this, many people donate you if your content is very high quality. But this way does not work effectively because many people use it.
However, if you want to try this method then you must try it and see the result if you have no earning source.


Now I want to say that if you want to make money online then, blog websites is one of the best ways. So if you do not create a website then must create it. As you can see, if you have a website then you can earn lots of money. And here I try to show you 5 best way to make money. If you like and enjoy to read the article then kindly give it a share.
Now let me know in the comment that what method you like to use? I wait for your valuable comment. Lastly thanks for visiting our website.

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